British Airways Virtual Testimonials

We thought, instead of ourselves telling you how great we think our virtual airline is, why don’t we ask our pilots? Our Pilots are the heart and soul of our community, and make it the friendly, welcoming and fun place it is to be in, to share common interests in aviation and so much more… Here’s what some of them came up with:

“I can’t even choose where to start about my time at BAVA, my expectations were just absolutely blown straight out of the park. The linearity, professionalism, immersion just… everything that you would expect from an AIRLINE is all here. I’ve probably learned more here than anything I’ve read in books so far and I thank you guys for that. Something for sure is that you guys can expect to see me here for an extended period of time! Best VA in the community hands down. You guys are family!

@Captain_Teejay, Pilot at BAVA

“BAVA is an absolutely fantastic place to be, since I’ve joined my passion for aviation has grown, and I’ve made so many friends who also have a passion for aviation and infinite flight.”

@Beau_Giles, Pilot at BAVA

“Being at BAVA is amazing, the people here are extremely friendly and all the staff are exceptional, especially with all the things they have to do and the questions they have to answer. Matt is just an outstanding CEO of this Virtual Airline and to be honest I don’t know how he does it, he has to control this massive virtual airline and has so much responsibility. I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff team we have.”

@Cjthew91, Pilot at BAVA

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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