Are you ready to join?  There is a process in which we ask you to go through; this is to ensure we continue to grow and show the high values and standards we all expect.

The process goes as follows,  you need to fill out an application form, linked here.  Once you have submitted the application form, our recruitment team aim to respond within 24 hours, this sometimes is not always feasible, but we achieve this more often than not.

The recruitment team will confirm your email address via your IFC account, then send you a link for the entrance test.  This test is based on flight rules and appropriate actions within the flight servers.

Once the entrance test is completed, the recruitment team will send you a message about your results.  If you have been successful, you will receive a link to connect into our slack workspace and start your induction process.

You will be assigned to a mentor to assist you with any issues you may have whilst learning the way in how we operate and log our flights.