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There is a number of things we can offer you as one of the leading VA’s in the IFC; We have a complete set up of Leadership Teams.  Our Recruitment department, who will be your first point of contact when you apply, Flight Supervisors to help you with any issues with flying your aircraft, Human Resources that have been working hard to bring new and exciting routes for us.  Although we have those departments, our members form a large and substantial knowledge base;  A fantastic group of IFATC qualified members, members who have a great knowledge of the airports and hubs we have as a VA and some phenomenal photo editors.  We are a really well rounded VA and would love for more people to come and join our team.

Within the IFC, we like to try and keep to realism as close as possible.  This has given all of our pilots to have access to an extensive range of routes to enjoy!
As it currently stands, we have over 10,000 different routes.  These come in the form of BA’s own routes, subsidiaries and codeshare’s.  Below you can see the various companies in which our pilots can fly routes for.

Our staff

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We have a well-established management set up, covering all the required area’s to keep BA Virtual producing some excellent statistics! The number of routes available, the variety or airframes, flight hours logged, PiReps submitted, we make sure our members have enough variety to help show the IFC what our VA is truly capable of.

Our Senior Leadership Team is made up of 5 positions;
The President – Matt Elphick

Deputy President – Nichalas Petranek
(HR and Day-to-day Running of the VA)

Deputy President – CJ Houghton
(Website and Leadership)

Deputy President – Adam Williams
(Public Relations and Marketing)

Chief of Staff – Ben Tyson.

The Cheif of Staff overwatches the Middle Leadership Team which consists of several departments. Recruitment, Human Resources, Public Relations, Flight Supervisors, Mentoring Staff, IT and our Events Team.

Together we are able to use our skill set to ensure that we continue the great work in keeping BA Virtual highly praised within the IFC. From time to time these positions will require filling.

If you are looking to join our team as a staff member, please check our IFC Thread or our website’s News and Events page.

Our rank structure

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We have a ranking system set out that is great for our pilots to learn how to improve their skills.  There are 9 ranks in total, with each one giving you more aircraft and routes to fly for the VA. Here is a table showing you the aircraft you can fly in each rank and how many hours to you need to log before you can be promoted.

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This list is subject to change when we have new routes available.  We currently have nearly 10,000, with more coming soon through August 2018!

Here are our Pilot Grading badges. As you progress through the ranks, you will be awarded a new badge to show everyone else your progression.

Once you have reached Rank 9, you’ll notice that that is as far as it goes.  Well, actually we have a few special badges for those who continually show their dedication to BA Virtual and if you continue to show your commitment, you may receive one of these badges!

The fleet

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Airbus Boeing Bombardier, Embraer and Mc Donnell Douglas

In BA Virtual Airlines, we have a wide variety of aircraft that you can use for short hauls and long hauls; Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and McDonnell Douglas.

The fleet of aircraft we have is slowly increasing with a huge thank you to the developers at Infinite Flight; Who work tirelessly to give us some amazing aircraft for all of our Virtual Pilots to enjoy.


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We are busy working away at making a complete new visual route map. Please hold on and we will put it up as soon as it’s ready!

We have a large database of routes, nearly 10,000 with more coming soon, that match up with real-world routes, which are assigned the same aircraft model for the route. This gives our Virtual Pilots a large variety to choose from, so they can enjoy the exact same views as the real world pilots.


Here at BA Virtual, we use an application called Slack.  It’s a great way in which our members from all over the world can have a chat to get to know each other, share stories and even plan a group flight.  For the staff members, we use it to keep everyone in the loop about things going on in the VA community; large events new features and routes.

Once you have joined, you will be able to see what we have to offer in each of the workspace channels.

If you’d like to download the app now, here’s a link to their website. It is available on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows.

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